Electronic Technology

If we are going to accept any of the foregoing material as fact or as possibility, we must then acknowledge the presence of high technology operating in those events so long ago. If we have taken that step, then we might look for other evidence.

We might consider that the Ark of the Covenant either contained or actually was a high-powered radio which “God” used to converse with Moses. Reading through the cryptic language of Exodus 25:21–22, we are told that the Lord gave instructions on how to attach certain paraphernalia to the Ark's cover. The two items being attached were referred to as “cherubim” (the plural form of “cherub,” again, not to be thought of a little baby with wings.) Whatever other purpose the cherubim may have served, they may also have been replicas of some sort of air or space vehicle since they were referred to as having wings (possibly serving as antennas), which were to be spread out overshadowing the Ark's cover (strangely called the “mercy seat,” probably a mistranslation). To support the idea of a vehicle, we may read in 2 Samuel 22:11 how the Lord “... rode on a cherub, and flew; he was seen upon the wings of the wind.”

After the Lord gave these instructions, he said, “... from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubim that are upon the ark of the testimony, I will speak with you of all that I will give you in commandment for the people of Israel.” The Ark thereafter became the meeting place where “God” communicated with his people.

It seems that the Ark also contained a power source that was strong enough to kill a person on contact if touched improperly, as it did Uzzah (1 Chron. 13:9–10). There is more to be said about radios, which we will get to shortly.

Another aspect of these stories that is intriguing is the presence of “angels,” the lieutenants of “God.” Found not only throughout the Bible, but also in the Apocrypha, the writings of the Gnostics, and the Kabbalah, these angels are presented with personal names and attributes. Their function was pretty much what the literal meaning of the word indicates... angels were “messengers.”

Now, according to the Hebrew scholar, Dr. J. Abelson, the early Rabbis obviously thought of angels as material beings. The sight of an angel was a physical phenomenon. There is no evidence, however, that Dr. Abelson had UFOnauts in mind. At any rate, the transformation of angels into spiritual entities was a later development.

One of the angels who was mentioned quite often is very intriguing due to his name. He was Metatron. The curious thing about this name, which most scholars try to brush aside, is that it sounds more Greek than Hebrew. Just the sound of it has a technological ring... like cyclotron, electron, neutron, positron, magnetron, etc. Another note of interest is that Metatron was many times connected with the “still, small voice,” a somewhat mysterious phrase found sprinkled here and there throughout the various writings.

Putting these two items together and looking at them in the light of technology, the name “Metatron” could be translated as “beyond the instrument(meta behind, beyond + tron instrument). Could the messenger Metatron be a “still, small voice” coming over a radio, perhaps through headphones, relaying instructions from his commander?

Is this a leap of logic? The leap is not so great when we consider possible references to electricity in Ezekiel's chariot story. This may be a good time for you to read for yourself the whole account, which occupies the entire first chapter of Ezekiel. Note the references to “living creatures” that had the likeness of men, which perhaps were some type of robotic machines, or perhaps were actual men in space suits. Also note the presence of lightning flashes and fire.

Reading from Ezekiel 1:4&27 in the King James version, we find the word “amber,” which is translated from the Hebrew word “Hashmal.”

“And I saw as the colour of amber, as the appearance of fire round about within it...”

The mention of “amber” could be connected to the color of amber as the translators decided in the passage above, or it could pertain to a characteristic of amber, which is the producing of sparks from static electricity when it is rubbed.
(The Greek word for “amber” is “elektron.” The Latin word for “electric” is “electricus,” meaning literally “produced from amber by friction.” )
In short, translators may have erred when they translated “Hashmal” as the “ color of amber.”

As far as “the appearance of fire” goes, fire may easily be equated with electric sparks in the non-technical mind, since fires may result from sparks, not to mention lightning bolts. So, for the following material, it may be helpful in places to replace the word “fire” with “electricity.” There of course is still the possibility of actual flames.

Rabbis have interpreted the Hashmal as a shortened form of longer phrases which mean: (A) “the living creatures of fire, speaking,” or (B) “they who at times were silent and at times speaking.” Intelligible speech generally comes from “living creatures,” even if it is electronic speech... and a radio is silent when it is turned off. There is a tradition that Metatron was changed into fire (electricity?); this could tell us that he once had a human presence and then was transformed into a communicator through electronic media. He could, in fact, have been Enoch himself. When “God” took Enoch away, he may simply have promoted him upstairs.

There is indeed evidence that Enoch later became known as Metatron. However, it is also possible that “Metatron” was not a name, but a title which was also given to others. After all, when we turn on our radios, don't we hear the voices of more than one person?

According to Hebrew scholar, M.L. Malbim, the word “Hashmal” signifies the “Hayot” (i.e. the “living creatures” of Ezekiel), which are the abode or camp of the Divine Presence where there is the “still, small voice.” It is the Hayot who receive the divine “effluence from above” (radio transmissions?) and disseminate it to the Hayot who are the movers of the “wheels” of Ezekiel's chariot. This sounds like the Chariot may have been radio controlled or directed!

It is amazing how many people know about the Jewish form of mysticism called the Kabbalah (meaning “the received”), yet know nothing about the Merkabah mysteries. Getting caught up in either the mystique or the numerology of the Kabbalah, they never realize that the Merkabah legends were a large part of that “received” knowledge, and they never question from whom it may have been received.

One who is well acquainted with Jewish literature, Dr. J. Abelson, has confirmed that there was an esoteric science of the Merkabah. He says that he must infer that...

“... there existed in the early Christian centuries a small sect of Jewish mystics - the elect of the elect - to whom certain measures of instruction were given in these recondite themes.”

There were strict taboos against divulging such knowledge. Dr. Abelson himself refers to these teachings as a “confused angelology” and to Ezekiel's imagery as “baffling conceptions of the Deity” and says;

“... the Jewish mystic sought no rationalistic explanation of them. He took them as they were, in all their mystery, in all their strange and inexplicable fantasy, in all their weird aloofness from the things and ideas of the everyday life. He sought no explanation of them because he was assured that they stood for something which did not need explaining.”

It is just this simple, unquestioning frame of mind that creates legends and myths from historic events. Naive concepts of “spiritual” matters may begin when a primitive culture tries to describe strange phenomena that it has experienced (like UFO's) when it is beyond the scope of its native language, and these myths-in-the-making then escalate during later generations when inquirers try to make sense of the confused imagery of their predecessors. They invariably end up developing allegorical interpretations or simply slanting their interpretations in accordance with their own religious faith.

The result of this process for any inquiring and unbiased mind is confusion and enigma. One such enigma, which cries out to be solved, is the Merkabah mysteries, because it says something about our past and probably our evolution.

One of the more puzzling stories in Genesis may indeed have implications concerning our evolution, specifically our gene pool. Presented next is an account of the Nephilim.